23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»

23-25 April 2025


This spring, the city of Almaty will again host a platform for discussion of various matters related to the strategic development, trends and instruments of the touristic sector within the upcoming summer season. The organizers of the exhibition are looking forward to present a brand new section of 2018.

The annual International Exhibition “Tourism and Travel” KITF 2018, that will take place on April 18th-20th, is organized by Kazakhstan-based Exhibition Company Iteca with the support of the Tourism Industry Department under the Ministry of Culture and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Akimat of the city of Almaty, World Tourism Organization UNWTO and Kazakhstan Tourism Association.
In the lead-up to this significant event, the organizers have come up with the 5 facts why you should take part in this event of international importance.

Fact No. 1
A little bird told me!
KITF 2018 is an effective platform where you find all actual information and insights of the industry development, companies and products. This is an excellent opportunity to make a targeted presentation of your holiday offers and services.
This is where international and local companies can realistically assess current market needs and customer preferences as well as study their competition. And, above all, you can find new efficient profit-making instruments and develop your further strategy.

Fact No. 2
"Beast of the Best!" or "Know their faces!"
The Exhibition will be attended by the leading players of this sector of both domestic and international levels.
The airline sector will be represented by such reputable air carriers as Air Arabia, Air Astana, Qazaq Air, SCAT Airlines, Turkish Airlines, and Aeroflot.
The following well-known tour operators and travel agencies will be exhibiting at the event:
ABK Tourism, Anex Tour, At Travel, Be Star (Uzbekistan), Calypso Tour KZ, Catt Tour, Elsenal Travel, Kazunion Touroperator, Kompas Touroperator, CIP Service, Magic Travel LTD, Natalie Tours Kazakhstan, Pac Group, Premium Travel, Pro Tour, Rustar Tourism, Tez Tour.
The hotel and resort industry will be reported by the real professionals such as Lesnaya Skazka, Naftalan Hotel Gashalti, Cornelia Hotels, Limak Hotels, Lujo Hotels.
All exhibitors are ready to showcase their new programs and destinations.

Fact No. 3
Round the World in 3 days!
Due to its scale and international format, KITF 2018 will provide its participants and guests with a chance to “visit” numerous countries of the world within 3 days of its show, such as: Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Georgia, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Spain, Kazakhstan, China, Korea, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Morocco, UAE, Russia, Slovenia, Thailand and Turkey.

Fact No. 4
Absolute Premiere!
Offer a summer cottage in Canarias to your client! The brand new concept of the Real Estate Abroad Sector will open new opportunities for both real estate businesses and members of the touristic industry. Rent and sale of the overseas property along with the travel services and package tours will equip touristic agencies with the additional profit-making tools and competitive advantages.
One of the most prominent representatives of this segment - Silk Way Star Company (Spain), specialized in the real estate projects of both economy and premium classes – has already confirmed its participation in the event.

Fact No. 5
A laboratory of new opportunities
In the course of KITF sessions and activities, the section of the primary wellness and health tourism has already been paid with a great attention which contributed to its development, making it now a very promising direction of the touristic sector. Its growing popularity among the touristic agencies can be explained by its sustainable nature and fewer client risks.
Leading clinics, famous medical and resort centers, and strong tour operators will be giving professional consultations and share the most actual useful information on the healthcare services and options in different countries of the world.

In the light of the aforesaid, we can see that the International Exhibition “Tourism and Travel” KIFT 2018 is a prestigious event with an intensive business program, various workshops, conferences and round tables aiming to provide all participants and visitors with a chance to discuss burning issues and find their solutions, thus facilitating the development of the touristic market of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

Source: www.kitf.kz

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