21st Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»
19-21 APRIL 2023
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Feedback from KITF 2022 participants

Nurzhan Algashov, Partner of the KITF TravelFest Travelers Forum

For the third time at KITF we are organizing a Travelers Forum - an informal association of travelers, where we tell different stories from the trips, inspire people to unite travel lovers and popularize travel. Because of the pandemic, our travels were limited, but now the borders are being opened and we're glad we can continue to share our stories with audiences on this unique platform. I am very grateful to the KITF platform for the opportunity to get together. During the quarantine period, many of our attendees waited for our next Fest and inquired about the date, which shows a constantly growing interest in our event. I am glad that on this beautiful sunny day we were able to meet again in person and share emotions from our travels. Preferably, it would be better to change the format of the festival from a pavilion to an outdoor venue, with sun beds, outdoors, and more guest speakers. So see you next year!

Shola Gurbanova, Sales Manager of Chinar Hotel&SPA, Azerbaijan

We had a fantastic experience at KITF 2022. We did not expect such an effect and influx of visitors, who had a great interest in us and wanted to work together in the future. There were even companies that wanted to conclude contracts immediately at the exhibition site. We present recreation in Azerbaijan: tours, business hotels, and now our direction is very popular. For us, participation in 2022 was very exciting, we prepared for participation in the exhibition in advance, it took about six months of preparation and we hope to get the most effective results.

Diana Nanadze, Chief Specialist for the Promotion of International Tourism of the Department of Tourism and Resorts of Adjara, Georgia

It is very important for us to take part in the KITF exhibition, since Kazakhstan is our target country. Every year we arrange information and press tours for Kazakhstan, journalists and tour operators come to Georgia and get acquainted with our culture and sights. The flow of tourists from Kazakhstan is growing from year to year, airlines are making regular flights and it's important for us to be here. We will definitely come next year, it is important for us to establish partnerships with Kazakhstan and do everything to develop tourism in our countries!

Lyudmila Brown, Head of FUN&SUN premium and Department of Work with FUN&SUN Travel Agencies

What is KITF? For me, it's about expanding my client base, opportunities and development. Of course, this is a huge opportunity to attract and find new customers. And also a great way to see your competitors, adopt positive experiences and meet long-time partners not only from all over Kazakhstan, but also from all over the world. These are travel agencies, tour operators, air carriers, and hoteliers. It's really great to be here, because the pandemic "stole" a couple of years from us, so we need to make up for lost time. We would like to give advice to those who perform at the platform for the first time, it is necessary to make a rich animation part and diversify the information flow by attractive activities! Well, you need to prepare for participation in the exhibition well in advance, then the results will be high! I wish KITF more growth and become more extensive, more interesting and brighter next year!

Yermatov Farrukh, Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The KITF platform is very useful for the development of international partnerships. We can see that despite the pandemic, the industry is growing and interest in the Central Asian region, as a single tourist product, is increasing year by year. KITF is the catalyst for this growing interest.