23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»

23-25 April 2025

Opinions of the participants of KITF 2016

Gaukhar Bekesheva, Hotel Manager, “Ak Bulak” High Mountain Resort:

- We participate in KITF every year. Our goal is, certainly, to attract customers and to develop tourism in Kazakhstan.

“Ak Bulak” is a high mountain resort, where a wide range of outdoor activities: skiing, snowboarding, ATV tours are offered. Currently, new tours as hiking, mushroom picking, family holidays are developed. We work in the summer and winter periods. Also, there is a children's camp in the territory of our complex.

The overall impression of the exhibition is good, we are happy to see many our colleagues, travel agencies. The exhibition provides an opportunity to conclude contracts with new business partners and we look forward to further cooperation.

Laura Galiyeva, Executive Director, “KAZUNION” Tour Operator:

- We have participated in KITF in Almaty for many years, which every year brings together all of our partners from all over the world, and where we, definitely, get very encouraged for the next season. This is the place where all market professionals are connected for entering into new contracts, for revealing some new directions, and, of course, for true professional work in the coming season.

This year is important for us, because we are proud to offer 20 new destinations with departures from Kazakhstan both for youth recreation and for family holidays with children. One of our major destinations are the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Egypt, as well as direct charter flights to Bulgaria and many other different offers which will actually be interesting.

I want to thank ITECA for organizing and holding the event, for its major contribution to the development of the tourism industry in Kazakhstan. It is a very important event, since the tourism in the world is growing at a fast pace, and it should be given due attention in Kazakhstan.

Serik Mustafovich Rysuly, Sales Director in Kazakhstan and CIS, “Air Astana”:

- We are always happy to participate in KITF, I can say that we are here from its first foundation day. In my opinion, this is the most important event in the tourism market in Almaty. First of all, we participate to support our image, we should be in the limelight. Secondly, we are here to meet with our foreign and local partners. Only at the exhibition there is an opportunity to hold a huge number of meetings and negotiations during a few days. The great advantage is the right time for the exhibition - spring, before the summer season. It is always interesting what competitors are doing, what they can offer. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to present new destinations. This year our program “Nomad Club” has been changed, and from June 2 we open “Astana-Ulan Bator” and “Almaty-Tehran” directions. The new additional services have been introduced, which we tell our clients about.

I wish the organisers of the Exhibition to continue maintaining high standards of service and to promote the Exhibition in the future.

Achilleas E.Tzimas, Co-Founder, “Sports Tourism Greece” (Greece):

- We represent the city Rhodes and sports tourism in Greece at the Exhibition. We invite all Kazakhstan people to visit Greece this summer. Culture, history, gastronomy and sports are some of the reasons why Kazakhstan people love visiting Greece. In this regard, we try to develop air travel between the two countries and to improve the quality of service in our country.

Ivan Kiryazov, CEO, Tour Operator “Landis” (Bulgaria):

- Our company has been in the market for 20 years, although we are participating in KIFT for the first time. Two years ago we started to cooperate with Kazakhstan, so our main objective is strengthening cooperation and expansion of contacts with other tour operators. We mainly work with seaside resorts, meet tourists directly from Burgas Airport.

The Exhibition is effective and well-organized. We were very pleased. We have done everything that has been planned. We met a lot of new tour operators. We are 100% sure that next year we will participate in the international tourism exhibition.

We established new contacts and got acquainted with new people at the Exhibition. We think Bulgaria now is in more demand, as our national cuisine, wine, warm hospitality, unique climate, beaches and the sea - all are attractive. We try to increase the flow of tourists from Kazakhstan to Bulgaria.

Juliya Talanova, Director, “Travel and Work” Travel Company (Tatarstan)

- We exhibited at the Exhibition for the first time. It is a very unique exhibition, there is good potential, a good big market and great interest of holiday makers, who are suitable to our region.

We are the developers of interactive programs in the Republic of Tatarstan, such as “Residence of Tatarian Santa Claus”, “The Tale of Kazan Cat in Kremlin”, “Necklace for Khan”. Our new products are “Tatar’s Weekend”, which takes place in a unique perspective. I think it will be very interesting.

Elena Ilkun, Director, “Travel Agency Kazan”:

- This is our first time participating in KITF, we like the Exhibition very much; it is lively and active. The visitors had a keen interest in Kazan.

We brought regular tours in Tatarstan, which can be attended any day, any weekend. We have about 15 programs that can be visited by your residents.

Edward Kozitskiy, Head of Marketing and Sales, “Rus” Resort Complex (Essentuki):

- We came to the Exhibition for the second time. Last year, our first trial participation was not for nothing and brought excellent results. Due to the arrival of our company in Almaty for participating in KITF 2015, the number of citizens from Kazakhstan took rest in our resort complex, was about 2 thousand people. Therefore, we are taking part in the exhibition for the second time.

We see interest in “Rus” Resort Complex, we are well-known, many tourist companies recognize us. We are very pleased to participate in this event, as there is an interesting, good, beautiful, friendly and sincere atmosphere for communication, work, behaviour. All these please and impress us.

Our Health and Resort Complex “Rus” turned 3 years. Our services are in demand in the Russian Federation. It is proved by numerous awards of the Russian Federation for the provision of quality services in our complex: “Best Enterprise of the Stavropol Krai”, “One of the Best Resorts in the Russian Federation”. We are proud of our achievements and do not feel shy to talk about them to our colleagues and partners.

Ebubekir Coşkun, CEO, “Elsenal Travel”:

- For 15 consecutive years we have participated in KITF. Our main goal is the development and opening of new directions. This year, in addition to “Kazakhstan-Antalya” we have the direction to Istanbul. We are planning to expand; we want to increase the flow of Kazakhstan tourists to other countries.

I would like to highlight that this year there is the increased number of participants compared to last year. We had very good impressions after the exhibition itself, since our company signed numerous contracts, despite the fact that the number of business meetings was less.

We are satisfied with the organization of the Exhibition and pleased that we were able to take part in it this year. I can say that KITF went well for us.

Maksim Ponomarev, “Zhosaly” Health Resort:

- We are taking part in KITF for the second time and represent “Zhosaly” Health Resort, which is located in Karaganda region. The purpose of our participation is to tell our citizens and guests from other countries about the resources and opportunities that our country has.

We provide services for preventive treatment of many diseases of musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract and blood diseases. We have extensive experience in the treatment of the above diseases. The basis for the preventive treatment is our curative silt mud and unique water, which is widely used in the treatment of various diseases.

Darya Kholodilina, Coordinator of Brand Development Department, Georgian National Tourism Administration:

- Georgia participates in KITF every year, for over 10 years, since Kazakhstan is considered as an important target market. We want people to come to Georgia for holiday, let them know about us.

Today we would like to tell and show all advantages of Georgia, to demonstrate all beauty of our country and thus to interest more people and encourage them to visit our country.

As the tourism administration, we believe it is important to bring the private sector representatives here, so that they maintained their contacts and find new ones. As far as I know, the private sector, especially hotels and resorts, which are engaged in medical tourism, really have a lot of tourists from Kazakhstan. I think it is associated with the participation in the Exhibition.

We are satisfied with everything and look forward to the moment when you update the website with an online system for arranging meetings.

Bakhtiyar Gilinzhov, Head of the Department of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan:

- For the fourth consecutive year Azerbaijan has exhibited at KITF. It should be noted that in recent years the flow of tourists from Kazakhstan to Azerbaijan has increased much. This is very encouraging, so we plan to participate again in the Exhibition next year.

The purpose of our participation is to promote tourism potential of Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan. We demonstrate the benefits and beautiful places of our country to our new customers.

Along with the Ministry the companies, tour operators, working in domestic tourism participate in the Exhibition. The contracts are signed, negotiations are carried out right here. We are happy that everything went well, with no unnecessary worries. Thank you very much.

Telman Rafatov, Marketing Department, “Anex Tour Kazakhstan”:

- For the second consecutive year we have exhibited at KITF, though “Anex Tour Kazakhstan” has been operating in the market for 19 years. We demonstrate new products at the exhibition, as well as observe our partners. The exhibition provides an opportunity to remind about ourselves. During three days we try to tell everyone about our conditions, about how things work. The most important thing for our company is to ensure that the customer had quality and sustainable holiday, and here he can learn all the details.

Due to the crisis the flow of people, certainly, decreased, but I think that soon all will fall into place.

Yosi Aprizal, Second Secretary, Social and Cultural Affairs, embassy of the republic of Indonesia:

- First of all everyone knows that KITF is one of the largest exhibition in the Central Asia, I’m not just talking about Kazakhstan. That's why every year there are so many countries participating. It shows that Kazakhstan is very potential country for tourism. So Indonesia always participates every year. We should always meet you for this opportunity to also promote Indonesia. It’s very important event. Our aim of course in general it will by strengthen close relationships between Kazakhstan and Indonesia. In terms of related to KITF of course in tourism industry in which you know when kazakh people come to Indonesia or Indonesian come to Kazakhstan one of the thing that we promote there is a people to people contact. Those are the foundation for other cooperation. So if you know that it’s better that you can start to build more cooperation. Everything is perfect in organization.

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