23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»

23-25 April 2025

Opinions of the visitors of KITF 2016

Saltanat Sumakova, Senior Manager, “Glavtour” (Kyrgyzstan):

- I am surprised that there are a lot of people at the Exhibition. Despite the economic situation, exchange rate volatility and financial crisis, the Exhibition gathered a large number of participants and visitors.

Every year I come to KITF from Kyrgyzstan to collect new information, new directories, learn about new products in the tourism industry. I am not saying that today we are happy to find something absolutely new, but we met with our old partners.

Beautiful stands, friendly people, nice atmosphere, in general, everything is at the right level.

Karina Abdoldayeva, Manager, “Eurasia R”:

- This is my first time at KITF! I have a lot of positive emotions. Everything is so well-organized. The following year I will invite my colleagues, so that they can see it all with their own eyes.

I came to find new business partners. I told the major players of the tourism market about my company. I look forward and hope that after this Exhibition my company will get positive results.

Zaida Bayshinbayevna, Manager, “Tadmor Tour”:

- This is the first time I visit the exhibition. And, honestly, I really enjoyed it. I did not think that people in Kazakhstan actively attend such events.

Once I saw that my colleagues exhibited here, I wanted to participate too. I will talk with the management and we will try to take part next year.

We met a number of new companies at the Exhibition. I like that this event provides an opportunity to speak directly with the directors of the company, it makes much easier to enter into cooperation. This is a great advantage of the exhibition. I am very satisfied.

Zhuldyz Sharshenbekova, Manager, “Kyrgyz Concept”:

- For many years our company once a year has purposefully arrived in the tourism exhibition in Kazakhstan. I would like to note that with the companies we have not previously worked with, and with new participants, we met for the first time, we managed to sign contracts, since the exhibition enables to negotiate “face to face”, and immediately resolve the issues. There are no intermediate agents and you can have firsthand information. Many gifts, interesting presentations and catalogues are here.

Dilya Rezhepova, Employee of “VIP VOYAGE” Travel Company:

- Last year I visited KITF and I can say that this year’s exhibition absolutely holds its own when compared to last year’s. This event gathered a large number of participants. I do not have time to visit all, and I do not have enough hands to get all catalogues and other handouts with information about the companies.

I come here to see and learn about the latest offers from travel companies. Many of them are our long-term partners, and it was nice to say hello to everyone.

Rozaliya Kim, Tourism Manager, “International Travel Plus”:

- We annually visit the Exhibition, as the management knows that here we will find interesting new offers, establish new partnerships and have a good time ourselves in such a good atmosphere.

Each stand is trying to stand out as much as possible. Each participant has an interesting program, very informative seminars. And most importantly, each company, all participants are available and they are close.

We collected a lot of business cards; we will update the client base. I think that every self-respecting travel company must visit KITF. The organisers keep the bar high and conform to the high level.

Juliya Ivleva, Senior Visa Manager, “International Travel Plus”:

- Numerous stands, participants, who are open to dialogues and ready to cooperate, definitely, are the reasons to visit the Exhibition. I visit KITF every year, and I can say that this event is important in the tourism industry of Kazakhstan. We constantly see new products, meet new people. We are negotiating with the new participants. Everything is getting better and more interesting every year. We get warm emotions, and broaden not only our professional horizons, but in general it is very nice to be here and communicate with all like-minded people. We wish you development, prosperity and continued success. We will visit the exhibition next year.

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