23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»

23-25 April 2025

Opinions of exhibitors of KITF 2015

Ahmad Al Hmoud, marketing manager, Jordan Tourism Board:

- I’m a marketing manager of Jordan tourism. In fact, we have some partners and  members here and we are participating in exhibition for the first time as a tourism board. We started with tour operators and now we see that we have a demand from your consumer ship. From your exhibition, we received 6 partners, they are tour operators, so now, and we are cooperating with each other. It’s very good for us.

The main aim of our participating here is, to introduce Jordan for Kazakh people and to distribute our possibilities of our market.

Actually, we like this exhibition very much. Yesterday was very busy for us. We had a lof of contacts. We had a great interest of Jordan for all operators and travel agencies.  So it was very good and excited.

Despite of the distance, we hope that we will come to Kazakhstan next year. Thank you very much.

Nihal Duruk, sales and marketing manager, Travelsystem, Belconti:

- I’m a representative of Antalya, Belek and Belconti resort hotel. I’m just being in Almaty and in this sphere for the first time, but our company participates here for 5 years. And I’m so happy. It’s seems wonderful, because people in Kazakhstan are interested in our hotels and in our companies. Every year Kazakh people come more and more to Belconti. And we believe that your people like to be in Antalya and Belek and stay in our family hotel Belconti. We like it very much too.

Kazakh market is very important for us, because your people are similar for our Turkish mentality. This exhibition is valuable for tourism sector. We like to work with Iteca company. You are really professionals of your sphere. Next year we will definitely come, because we have very good results and we liked Almaty very much. You have incredible friendly people, nature, mountains. I like to be here. Thank you very much!


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