Opinions of the visitors of KITF 2014 Exhibition

Elfriede Akhmetova, Bon Voyage:

- We visit the tourism exhibition KITF for the third year and have noticed the growing number of companies. A large number of visitors are not changed from year to year. At the exhibition we can easily meet with all partners and conclude agreements with the new ones.

Alpysbayeva Gulnara, Director, Travel Agency Deux Soleils:

- Our company was founded in 2002 and since then we have continuously visited all KITF exhibitions, which always pleased with their variety and organization. The good advertising promotion has been worked out. Many of our regular partners participate with their stands prepared making it easy to see the new developments they provide. We have met with the colleagues from Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Thailand. Now we plan to cooperate with the companies from Italy, Spain, Croatia and Hungary.


Bayangul Mukatan, Manager, Complete Service:

- Our International Travel Company has sent me specifically to visit this exhibition, to learn about the new companies and to meet with the existing partners. The day before the exhibition, the participants of the exhibition gave a workshop for travel companies' representatives, where they told about cooperation conditions and held a gift event. The exhibition provides an opportunity to meet with each of them personally in one place, which is very convenient and time-saving. It is not our first visit to KITF exhibition, where we find new colleagues and new clients. We would like to thank the organizers for the opportunity to acquaint face-to-face with the international tourist market.


Ashikhmina Irina, Director, BIC Group:

- Our Travel Agency opened in 2004 and it has been already the 10th year of our visit to KITF exhibition. At the exhibition we conclude contracts with international companies that allow us to send tourists. In addition, we meet foreign guests and show them the beauty of Kazakhstan. The exhibition grows every year, as the result of which it gives the visitors the variety of choice and convenience for negotiations.


Marina Vasilyeva, Travel Manager, Banzai Travel:

- "Banzai Travel" has been cooperating for many years with the agencies from Turkey. Thus, we came to the exhibition to meet with them and discuss new prospects for cooperation. We have also signed a new contract with an agency from Jordan, and after the exhibition we are planning online negotiations with the representatives from Georgia. It is evident that the organizers have tried to get a large number of companies together, and we are always pleased to visit the beautiful and large exhibitions.


Dushchenko Lyudmila, General Director, "Meridian" Travel Agency:

- Our agency has been working since 1996 in Karaganda. We offer our tourists the vacation abroad and tours in Kazakhstan. We have visited the exhibition since the time it was opened, and every year we have seen the changes for the better. We see the new countries and new companies in the market of Kazakhstan. The exhibition is a platform where you can meet friends and keep abreast of the new products. We are very happy to come from Karaganda and enjoy our work at the exhibition.


Rogachev Eugene, a visitor:

- The purpose of my visit is the desire to go on a summer vacation with my family. I am surprised by the variety of companies and their tour suggestions. It is hard to decide when you see this variety of suggestions that is why I have taken the brochures to overview them in details after the exhibition.


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