23rd Kazakhstan International Exhibition «Tourism & Travel»

23-25 April 2025

Innovative and high-tech alternative to classic GDS at KITF 2024

MixVel e-commerce platform is a platform for the travel industry, the goal of which is to connect all travel services in one tool, in one business process. Modern travelers have become more independent, purchasing services through different channels with different booking depths. The MixVel tool will allow managing the business sales process from one point for any channel, for any type of trip, for any destination.


MixVel e-commerce platform is more than an aggregator of services. Analytics and automated decision-making (business rules) tools are integrated into the platform. MixVel e-commerce platform includes mechanisms for analyzing business touchpoints with clients, which allows going beyond search requests on a website or meta-search engine and work with the context, as well as the history of previous searches and interactions between the client and the agency. Such approach will allow “reaching” each client with a personalized offer, which will increase conversion into purchases.

Based on this information, the system will be able to offer the most relevant content, packaged to suit the specifics of its display at that particular moment. So for a client who has been searching for a long time, the system will show the agency a calendar of prices and a forecast of their changes in the future, for a short banner on the network - one, two, three short flight offers with the maximum probability of conversion, and for a client who is planning complex logistics - a screen with great detail of flight options and all services included in it. Search results in the system change to suit the needs of the agency at that particular moment in order to bring in new income.

The MixVel platform provides an extensive content distribution network for airlines and suppliers, and also the opportunity for agents to receive services from the largest list of airlines in the Russian Federation, the CIS and abroad, as well as various suppliers in one order.

You can find out even more details about the MixVel platform during a personal meeting at the participant’s stand as part of the Kazakhstan Tourism and Travel Exhibition - KITF 2024, which will take place on April 24–26 at the Atakent KCBC in Almaty.

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